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about us

A best place to enjoy your stay

Shopnil Shindhu is based on cutting-edge design, modern architecture, and creative principles with the goal of enhancing Bangladesh's tourism industry while preserving its unique culture, values, and first-rate hospitality. Its mission is to provide visitors with an exceptional level of service while ensuring an elegant and pleasant stay. Shopnil Shindhu's rooms each embody a unique brand of innovation and hospitality. Additionally, the team members working here are sincere, polite, committed, and demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism in the hospitality industry.


Our Luxuries Facility

Premier Suite

We have Two Premier Suite rooms for only 24,000 taka(BDT).And each Premier Suite room is 948 square feet

Executive Suite

We have Four Executive Suite rooms for only 18,000 Taka(BDT).And each Deluxe Twin room is 948 square feet.

Deluxe Queen

We have Twenty Four Deluxe Queen rooms for only 9,000 Taka(BDT).And each Deluxe Queen room is 474 square feet.

Delux Twin

We have Fourty Eight Delux Twin rooms for only 8,000 Taka(BDT).And each Delux Twin room is 474 square foot.

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